Why Buy A Myweeteepee?

After years of suffering sheets over the dining table and chairs, it would seem that parents are now fighting back with the perfect solution in the form of the play teepee which can be used indoors and also moved outdoors to offer shade and enjoy in the garden too.

Beautiful in its design, the teepee creates a focal point in any room and offers the children a perfect hideaway to play in, whilst looking so stunning that mums and dads can’t help but admire (secretly, smugly) the cleverness of their purchase too. 

However, as with any large toy or piece of furniture, a teepee is a considered purchase and for this you will want to invest in a quality item that can withstand the test of childhood and time.

We understand that you want to be sure of your investment, so we have outlined the main features of our teepees to help you with your decision making.  We always welcome calls and messages from customers too, so if there is anything else you would like to know or discuss, please feel free to get in touch.



Structure of the Teepee & Safety Testing


Our teepees are designed with four sides, each side approximately 110-120cm square at the base. We found that the four sided square structure offered far more flexibility when finding the perfect space in your home to set the teepee up.

Our poles are a very solid 22mm thick wood pole that are strong enough to withstand busy playing children and rounded for safety at the top.  A teepee is all about a space to play, so you want to be confident that it is fit for purpose and robust enough to withstand those fabulously imaginative and creative games that children come up with.  We don’t want any snapping poles, collapsing teepees and disappointed children.

Our teepees are also designed to be as secure as possible around the poles.  We have rivet holes at the top of the canvas and holes in the top of the poles.  A tie is threaded through to connect the two creating a secure attachment that will avoid canvas slipping down the poles.  Children love to interact with the little cottage window too, so this feature also stops the canvas moving when they are adjusting the curtains or waving to mum and dad through the window.

The structure of the teepee has also been safety tested along with the poles and metal rivets too. All our teepees conform to En71 1,2,3 toy safety standards. 



Size of the Teepee


Our teepees are between approximately 100-120cm square at the base and 145cm high depending on design.  The space inside is generous enough to fit an adult and child and as the photos show on our website, can easily fit a toddler and two 8 year old children!



Fabrics, Designs & Personalisation

Our teepees are handcrafted using soft yet hard wearing thick cotton canvas so that it is as strong as possible.  It is superior quality and we don’t use thin or flimsy fabrics that could tear, especially around the window area that children love to peer out of and pull on. 

Not only do fabrics need to be child proof they have to be child friendly and comply to toy safety standards too.  This means each fabric has undergone safety testing for harmful chemicals and flammability in line with EN71 standards. 

We therefore work within a range of fabric designs so that we can ensure everything is tested and compliant.  Applique designs are embroidered onto the canvas creating a beautiful finish.  We do not decorate using adhesives. We also offer an embroidery customisation on selected designs to give your teepee a personal touch.

As our teepees are built to last, we also want the designs to last too.  We have therefore created a range of designs using fabrics that are timeless and classic and that should fit with most interiors. 

Our Cosmo design for example is the perfect unisex choice and with its monochrome clean lines it is a popular choice for families wishing to create a feature in a downstairs living space too.  Our Diva teepee was inspired and partly designed by our own teenage daughter, who loved the idea of having a teepee in her room to chill out in, but wanted a design that was slightly more “funky and cool” for a girl her age.  Who are we not to listen to teenage girls!!!

Children move on fast with their tastes and phases so we have chosen fabrics and designs that will move with them through every stage of their childhood.  As with anything that is cared for, it’s an investment that can also last and be passed to the next generation too.

We bring new designs out every few months as well as retain our best sellers too.





Each of our teepee bundle comes with a non-slip lightly wadded floor mat, bunting flags or pole flags and a carry bag.  We want you to be equipped with everything you need to set up your teepee without having to incur the costs of any add-ons.  Our teepee is bought to you in a strong and secure gift box, complete with a plastic carry handle that you can retain for storage too.

Many of our customers like to fill the teepees with cushions and decorate with lights.  We always recommend using battery operated lights that are CE safe.



Folding away and transporting the teepee


Our teepees can be simply folded on a day to day basis by lifting at the top and allowing the four poles to fold down in an umbrella style fold.  It can then be stored in a secure place until required again.   It is simple to set up again by just spreading the four poles apart. Our teepees are designed for transporting with the aid of the poles that connect in two halves, so that if you did require to take the teepee on vacation or on a sleepover to grandmas, it can travel with ease in the carry bag provided.  We love this feature, it offers additional storage flexibility.



Do I have to assemble my teepee?


Because our poles are joined together, there is a very minimal assembly required to set the teepee up.  The wooden poles are beautifully handcrafted on a lathe so that the two ends fit snuggly into the connector to form one long pole.  It takes only a few minutes to form the four long poles and they are then fed into the pole pockets on the teepee.  You then take the tie, and simply feed it in turn through one rivet and one pole to secure the two together and once all threaded through, they secure with a bow.  From time to time it is always worth adjusting and re-tying to keep the top as secure as possible.

Visual instructions are provided with each teepee too.



Caring for the teepee


The teepee canvas can be removed from the poles at any time and surface cleaned and line dried.  The floor mat can also be cleaned in the same way.



Our Teepees are Good Toy Guide Rececommend


We are delighted to say that after being put through their testing paces by Good Toy Guide, our range of teepees are now officially a 'Recommended' Good Toy:)

This kind of endorsement is so important to share with our customers, because the Good Toy stamp of approval means that you can buy your myweeteepees with even more confidence, knowing that they have been independently tested by children and observed by professionals at fundamentally children....

'Each product is tested by children on at least 4 separate occasions. The children play with the toys in natural settings, observed by professionals who have been trained to carry out research with children in a robust, and ethically responsible way to give valuable feedback that can be trusted'.

We received great feedback for our myweeteepees and here is the link if you would like to see it HERE!






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Myweetepee Good Toy Guide Award
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